The Finest & Most durable Vaping Cotton


  • Pure & Undisturbed Native Wicks Cotton

    Farm to Coil

    Pure and responsibly sourced. Our fully organic farming methods in Northern Carolina ensure a consistent and unadulterated vaping experience. Our top-grade vape cotton contains zero pesticides, bleach, or other pesky impurities.

    100% American Made - from Farm to Coil.

  • Low- High Resistance Organic Vape Cotton


    Tensile strength testing, multi-fiber blends, and years of research have led to discovering the perfect balance of fiber density, durability and surface tension. Achieving the oh-so-sweet spot of capillary action.

    (Super Wicking Powers!)

  • Authentic Flavor of organic vape cotton


    Paired with any atomizer the perfect cotton offers warmer and denser vapes maximizing flavor.

    New Pre-Cut Build Strips in our portable re-sealable bag reduce unnecessary fiber waste and make wicking a breeze. Our experts designed this wick to be your last, for any build, for any occasion.

Native Wicks Platinum Plus+

Product Description

Platinum Plus+ is an organic cotton blend tailored for the ultimate vape experience. Created with perfect fiber selection and surface tension our cotton wick boasts unmatched durability, absorption, flavor, and purity. High-quality resealable packages contain new 3-inch pre-cut build strips for less waste and ease of mind. Held to the highest manufacturing techniques, quality checks, and lab certification you can rest assured. Native Wicks is not just any cotton, it's 100% organic and made with love in the USA.
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  • Placed on 05/02/2019
    93% of 100

    Very good quality cotton. Absolutely loved it !!!

Best vaping cotton by native wicks

WHY CHOOSE Native Wicks?

Native Wicks Platinum Plus+ offers an unparalleled absorbency rate with long-lasting flavor and extreme durability.

Our responsibly sourced organic cotton has continuously evolved keeping the needs of today's vapers in mind. With high tolerance fiber manufacturing and rigorous quality checks, you can depend on Native Wicks to deliver a flavorful consistent vape every time.

About Native Wicks Cotton

Our journey begins in 2008, when an unsuspecting college student finds a 1st generation cig-a-like at a smoke shop in Venice Beach, California.

Two old acquaintances, two ex-smokers, who bumped into each other and became family, united through vaping.

In 2013 on the quest for a superior vaping experience they created what is known today as Native Wicks Cotton. The rest is history.

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