Native Wicks is dedicated to offering premium vaping cotton pads for all the vape builds. Here, at Native Wicks we take immense pride to bring forth our specialist vaping cotton. All our organic cotton pads vape have been hand-picked in South Carolina as well as crafted to ensure that you have a superb vaping experience.

At Native Wicks, buying regular cotton vape is effortlessly easy. We use only safe and responsibly sourced, chemical-free, traceable and clean organic cotton that are quality tested to ensure proper consistency.

Why Buy Vaping cotton pads From Native Wicks?

If you top-notch vaping cotton for a pleasurable vape, you can always count on eyes with blind eyes. We are here to live up to your expectations. With a huge customer base using our vape cotton, we vouch to offer you nothing short of the best experience you have had till date.

Our cotton pads for vaping are suitable for both high and low-end builds that come with zero break-ins and offer a smooth vaping experience. With our vaping cotton pads, you also don’t get any burnt taste and can enjoy pure flavor and vapor.

No more regular cotton balls with chemicals and natural oil, get a smooth throat hit filled with flavor in every vape. Our organic vaping cotton has been quality tested before they are made available for you. So, you can use it without any worries, at all. Native Wicks organic cotton pads vape has been exclusively designed for vaping e-liquids.

For the right and the best wicking material, you can always trust our vaping cotton. The long strands of Japanese cotton fit your tank easily. Irrespective of the tank you use, we offer you two types of vape cotton. Our clean Japanese organic cotton come with large fibers, zero dry hits and higher e-juice capacity for the cleanest flavor.

Pick from our vape cotton range manufactured in a in a state-of-the-art cGMP certified facility. Get yours now for a remarkable experience, always. Our goal is to provide the best vape cotton on the market at a remarkable price.

If you choose Native Wicks over others and enjoy your experience, our job is done.