Vaping can be confusing for those who are new to it. Most of them are not much aware of the devices and accessories. Therefore, often they ended up buying the wrong things for them, which leads to an unsatisfactory feel. One must know to select the device, right e-juice and most importantly the best vape cotton.

Vaping tips for newbies

While buying the first vape device, the words like atomizer, tanks, sub ohm, mods, coils must not sound alien to you.

As first time vaping tips, we will discuss the important matters one must consider before buying vape products, especially for the newbies in the vape industry. How the things work, how these can change your vaping experience and many more you will be able to know by the end of reading this post.

In this current post, we will primarily discuss the following things:

How it is different from smoking?

The first question comes to the mind of the newbies is the difference between smoking and vaping. The technical answer is that the tank holds an e-liquid which the cotton present in it absorbs. When you press the fire button, the coil heats and the cotton start to burn to help the liquid to change into a vapor. Finally, you just inhale the vapor.

So, you can understand the difference between direct tobacco burn and the burn of liquid.

Though it looks simple, yet the process is complicated. All the components of the devices must be compatible with each other to get full satisfaction. Like you must use the best vape cotton as it burns slowly to give you the best experience.

What type of device to buy?

Several types of devices are available in the market. Below are some of the devices available in the market.

• Pods

• Mods

• E-cigarettes

• Mechanical Mods

• Stig devices

However, the work process of all these devices is the same. A battery is there to generate the power and heat the coil. A tank is there containing flavored e-liquid of your choice. The cotton in it slowly burns to transform the absorbed liquid into vapor. You need to inhale the vapor with the help of the mouthpiece.

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What to avoid during first time vaping

You must avoid copying one. As first time vaping tips, we recommend newbies not to try copying other vapers in nicotine level, dragging time etc. One must avoid this habit.

Remember, the pro-vapers are accustomed to the techniques thus which suits them may not suit you. You must decide the level of nicotine as per your level of resistance. If you are an experienced vaper, you can start from 18mg or more.

It is the same for the drag time. You must avoid long drags. It will not only put pressure on your lungs but also on the atomizer. In addition, longer drags drain your e-juice quicker.

It is recommended to not go more than 2-3 seconds.

How to place or replace the cotton?

It is another common question that newbies have in their mind. It may look difficult in the start but not very tough after you do it for a few times. Wicking the atomizer is an important step to get the best flavor.

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How to change a coil?

You need to open the device and get rid of the old used burnt cotton. Take the best vape cotton ball and roll it to make a thread of the ball. The length and thickness of the thread are important. It must not be too thick to insert, neither it must be thin that slips out of it. The thread must not be too short as you must roll the entire coil.

Finally, you need to cut the excess part of it and tuck the rest inside the atomizer.

When it is the time to change the coil?

A new vaper may feel in mess for the first few times to understand the right time to change the coil. However, one of the easy ways to understand the time of changing it is the burnt taste.

If you are getting a burnt taste while vaping, you must understand that it is the time to change the coil. You need to clean the it and use the best vape cotton to wick it. Additionally, if you feel that your device is not producing enough vapor, may be the burnt coil can be a reason behind it.

However, if you are using the device for long then changing the coil is a necessity.

Final Words

Hope that the mentioned points have cleared a lot of doubts from your mind. The vape community is large so you will get help always. We welcome you to the world of vaping. Use the best organic cotton by native wicks.

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