Burnt taste is something which can ruin your vaping experience completely. It does not matter whether you are an experienced vaper or a newbie as you must have experienced the issues of the burnt coil and oversaturated coils. Few experienced vapers can still manage it, but the several newbies even leave vaping due to burnt coil oversaturated coil.

Avoid Chucking coils

However, you don’t need to get worried about it. Remember it is not burnt coils VS oversaturated coil, as both the things used to give a bad vaping experience. We have brought the reasons and remedies for the burnt coil and oversaturated coils.

Here are ways to avoid the Burnt Coils and oversaturation.

Chucking coils

Few people used to ask that do coils matter vaping or not? The answer is yes, it doesn’t only matter but even the age of it matters too. The age of the coil head is one of the reasons behind chucking coil. The poor taste can be a result of the old and burnt coil. However, if the vape wick cotton gets oversaturated, it is possible that you will get a throat burn.

So, to get rid of it you must drop the wattage of the device. Like the oversaturation, undersaturation can be a reason behind throat burn. So, it is important to use a good quality organic cotton. Generally, 5minutes are enough for good quality cotton to get saturated in the e-liquid properly.

Prime the coil

Prime Vape Coil Properly - Nativewicks

Often burnt coils of the devices are the results of poor priming. Therefore, you need to begin the process by dripping one or two drops on the wick hole and let your coil to stay there for at least 30minutes. Then you need to take some puffs without firing it.

Finally, you must start the mod at a lower wattage and increase the wattage gradually. It will help you to avoid getting a throat burn in vaping mesh coils.

One must know how to prime a coil. In one of our earlier post, we have discussed in details the ways of priming a coil. You can check it for convenience.

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Leakage in the tank

Tank leakage is a common issue behind oversaturation or the coil and vape cotton. Often due to improper O-ring attachment, tank leakage happens. If your coil attachment is not proper, it is possible that it results in coil breakage.

To fix it up, you need to loosen your tank a little to see the leakage is continuing or not. Don’t remove the wick as it may result in flooding the coil.

Avoid Chain Vaping

Avod Chain Smoking

You have seen several vapers to do chain vaping. Many pro-vapers shared the experience that even at the starting, they used to do it too but after realizing the way it harms the device they quit. Often the chain vaping burns your oil. You must realize that the coils are not designed for all-day use without a break.

You must give the time to the wick to get re-saturated before you start vaping again. Once you will see that your flavor generation is low, you must stop vaping.

It is better that you must give at least a break of 20 seconds between each puff. It will increase the lifespan of the coil.

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Concluding Words

Therefore, you have seen the reason for getting Burnt and Oversaturated Coils. However, we have discussed the remedies also. No doubt using the best organic cotton of Native Wicks can enhance your vaping experience by multiple times by protecting your coil from getting burn quickly.

Please share your experiences in comments after using these methods. We will love to hear from you.