A common problem almost all the vapers have faced during the use of your e-cig is the coil gunk. No matter how experienced vaper you are but it is hard to avoid this problem. Often after using your favorite sweet e-liquid for a quite some time and a wick for vape, you have faced a difference in the flavor production. Even after a certain time, you may feel that it tastes like taking dry puffs even though your tank is filled with e-juices. The reason is the coil gunk.

 Coil Gunk - Tips to get rid of it

Over here, we will discuss things like what is coil gunk, the reasons for coil gunk, the way to get rid of it, etc.

What is coil gunk?

A dark nearly black crust that generally forms on the coil and discolors your wick is known as Coil gunk. It is a gloopy buildup that you can notice by the side of your coil and soaked by your wick. As it builds up around the coil so in order to avoid the poor flavor quality you need to change the coil often.

The liquid portion, which was not vaporized in a proper way is the cause of gunk residue. Often the sweeteners of the e-liquid are considered as the main culprit behind the gunk. The continuous vaping and heat make it turn black.

The primary causes of Coil Gunk

In order to avoid coil gunk, you need to know the reasons that cause such gunk coils. Here is the list of the things that cause the gunk coil.

  • • Sweeteners in the e-juices
  • • Dark e-liquids
  • • High VG e-juice
  • • Chain Vaping

 Coil Gunk - Causes Of Gunk in Coil

Therefore, you can see the main reasons behind your coil gunk. Now two question are there which comes to mind. These are as follows:

  • - How to fix coil gunk?
  • - How to avoid coil gunk?

How to fix coil gunk?

You are reading this post, so we are assuming that you are already facing the coil gunk issue. So, now the focus is the way to get rid of it.

  • A. Clean the coil

You are facing the coil gunk, so we assume that you are using a prebuilt atomizer coil with a tank. In order to clean the coil, you need to put it in strong grain alcohol, which generally we use to drink. After soaking for a few times, you can scrub it with a small little brush.

Then rinse the coil with hot water and let it be to get dried completely. Often it is the same reasons which destroy your cotton. Once the coil is dried, vape wick cotton and the coil is ready for priming.

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    B. Go for an RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer)

It is true that coil gunk relates to the e-juice that you are using. However, it is true that vaping is all about enjoying the flavor. In such cases, it is difficult to change the e-liquid, so the only way you have is switching to RBAs.

Cleaning and wicking the RBA is an easy task. So, get rid of the coil gunk becomes easier.

  • C. Change Wick Material

Do you love chain vaping? Do you love higher wattage vaping? If your answers are yes, then you need to consider changing the wick material. You can use silica, ceramic, stainless steel which can handle the high wattage vaping.

However, if your love is for flavor is unchanged then it is best to stick to cotton wick for vape. 

  • D. Dry Burn

A popular way to get rid of the gunk is dry burn. You need to ignite the fire button until it turns red in color. When the coil burns in such a way the gunk will automatically start getting burnt.

Only the carbon will be left over there which you can easily wash with the help of wet cotton after it cools down.

How to avoid coil gunk?

Avoid Coil Gunk

Once you get rid of the coil gunk, next you must take measures that will help you to avoid coil gunk. Here is the list of things that you can do to avoid coil gunk.

  • • Change your e-juice
  • • Try to vape at low wattage
  • • Change the VG of your e-juice

Concluding Words

The current blog post explains the ways of avoiding coil gunk. Following the method will surely increase the life of your coil and your vaping experience.

It is always recommended to use organic vape cotton wick to get the best vaping experience.