How long do vape coils last?

Prior to change your vape coil, it is important to ensure the time of changing the vape coil. Especially, the new vapers tend to change the coil even before the scheduled time.

how long do vape coils last

So, the primary question that comes to mind is how long do vape coils last?

Frequent coil replacement incurs the vaping cost. However, in case you know how to fix a burnt coil, can save a few dollars for you. Therefore, know the signs by which you can be sure about changing the coil.

In this current post, we will primarily discuss the following things:

What are vape coils and its functions in the vaping devices

The atomizer is the primary part of a vaping device, which produces the vapor. A coil is the main component of the atomizer that helps to reach the level of resistance that allows the whole mechanism to produce the vapor with the help of the tank.

The resistance produced by the coil heats the e-liquid of the tank ultimately results in the production of the vapor.

The lower the resistance of the coil, the faster the coil will heat. Therefore, while you are choosing the coil for your vaping device, you need to consider the resistor expressed by ohm as well as the vape cotton balls that you are using as a wick.

In addition, you must look for the metal of the resistive wire such as kanthal or nickel.

How do I know when my vape coil is burnt?

Before you ask how often should you change your vape coil, you must be aware of the signs that indicate the timing of changing the coil. Here are the signs:

how often should you change your vape coil

A sound of gurgling during the vaping

Several reasons can be there for having such sound but all the reasons are somehow related to the coil.

A vaping device is not made to make such a sound. Therefore, if there is a sound, it means the coil is not working properly.

If you are using the coil for a long time and getting a gurgling sound, then it is the time to replace the coil.

However, even after changing the coil, the sound continues or new coil tastes burnt, you need to troubleshoot your vape device settings.

Getting a burnt taste while vaping

One of the most common indications of the coil changing. Before you ask “how do I know when my vape coil is burnt” just try to feel the taste of the vaping.

If you are getting a burnt taste in vape, then it is for sure that you need to change the coil.

However, if you sense a burnt taste, you can try to clean the coil once. If still, you get the same burnt taste then for sure you must change the coil.

If you will not replace vape coil and continue, it will gradually damage the other parts also. Therefore, you must act promptly to do the needful.

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Less amount of vapor production

Unless you are very new to the vaping, you know the amount of vapor a device produces. If your device is not producing that amount of vapor it should then you must look for a change of coil.

You must be watchful about the vapor production. If you feel that your device is not producing the amount of vapor it used to then do a visual inspection. It is possible that you may find your coil is damaged.

It could be also a problem related to cotton balls. In such cases, you can go for the Native Wicks Cotton, one of the best organic cotton for vaping devices.

Once you are confirmed of the coil burnt, make sure to fix a burnt coil.

Taste of the E-juice as it should be

Are you getting the same old taste of the e-juice that you are using? Or there is some difference? If you are not getting the same old flavor or getting a bad taste, you must figure out the issue.

It will be not surprising if you will find that the coil is not functioning in a proper manner. A damaged coil will never give you the same taste that you supposed to get in normal time.

An old damaged coil often retains the same taste of the e-juice. Therefore, even if you will change the e-juice, it will continue to give you the same old taste. So, if you are sensing something like that, just replace the coil.

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You are using the coil for long

Why does my vape coil burn out so fast? A common question often you will hear from newbie vapers. One must remember that every object has a specific lifespan. So does your vape coil.

Generally, a new vape coil lasts for a week in case you are a regular vaper. However, in case of the casual or occasional vapers, the longevity can extend to a week also.

Therefore, depending on your use of the vaping device, you need to decide the time of changing the coil. Remember that using an old burnt coil can mess up your vaping experience.

What does a burnt coil look like?

In the above sections, we have learned about the signs to replace a vape coil. However, it is also important to know what does a burnt coil look like, so you can visually also inspect the condition of the coil.

what does a burnt coil look like

Here are some common features of a burnt coil:

• The coil is discolored and black

• A burnt coil has excess burnt prime round it If you see that you have a burnt coil in vape, you must change it at once, else it can damage your vaping device.

How often should you change your vape coil?

The frequency of changing the coil will depend on the use of the device and the device specification. Depending on the use, a coil needs to be changed between a week to a month max.

• If you are a regular vaper, hardly the coil will run up to 1 week. Then you will feel the need to replace it.

• If you are using sub-ohm devices, you need to change the coil more frequently due to the higher current passing, which degrades the metal of the coil.

• If you use a device where you can change the voltage, you may feel the need for changing the coil sooner.

• If you use High VG e-liquid for a bigger cloud, you must change your coil frequently

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Why does my vape coil burn out so fast?

A very common question of beginners. As per researches, the reason behind the quick burn of the coil happens due to three prime reasons:

why does my vape coil burn out so fast

• Not priming your coil

• chain vaping

• Wrong choice of e-liquids

According to researches, 70% of the coil burnout because of the above-mentioned reasons.

It is always advised to prime the coil before you start using it. However, in order to avoid the ill effects of the chain vaping, one must give a gap of 15 to 20 seconds between every puff.

Additionally, using a high VG e-liquid can also be a reason behind fast burnout of the coil.

Ways to enhance the life of the vape coil

How long do vape coils last will depend on the way you are using it? A common phrase in the vaping community is that the way you treat your coil and device, it serves you in the same manner.

Therefore, longevity largely depends on the user. Here are some of the tips following which your coil life will surely enhance.

• Prime your coil prior to use it

• Keep the tank full with e-juice

• Use premium quality of e-juice

• Use the e-juice containing less sweetener

• Avoid dry hits

• Avoid continuous or chain vaping

• Adjust your power wattage setting

• Clean the coil on a regular basis

Final Words

By now, you got the understanding regarding the schedule change of vape coils as well as how to fix a burnt coil.

However, using Native Wicks Platinum Plus+ can prevent the coils from dry hits and other wick related problems. So, get a Native Wicks Platinum Plus+ now.

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