If you have been vaping, you know the importance of vaping a coil, right? Learning to vape a coil would only make you enjoy vaping and help in better vapor production.

Wrapping Vape Coil - A Guide

Coil building as well as experimenting with various vape coils builds is really something to look forward to. Let us check out everything you need to know about vape coil.

Why build vape coil when you can buy it?

The simple reason is that it’s cheaper. Leaving aside everything, there are many reasons for you to build vape coils rather than just buying pre-built coils.

First of all, it gives you the liberty to experiment with dozen other coil wire type, vaping coil builds and styles. Also, learning how to build a coil gives you the ability to go really wild for maximum flavor and vapor as well as reduce dry hits.

It is also a fun hobby that vapers actually take pride in, but even get to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. The ideal way to get good at this is by repetition. You would be building as well as wicking in the nick of time.

Supplies you need to wrap vape coils

While there are several types vape accessories and tools you need to use for wrapping the vape coils. However, it is always better to keep this simple. There are many vape coil building kits available, but you need to choose a la carte or you might also have these already.

Wrapping Vape coil - Tools to build Vape Coil

  • • Flush cutters- the wire cutters that cuts close in small space
  • • Resistance wire- any that the vaping wires would actually do.
  • • Small metal rod- coiling tool, a small screwdriver
  • • Scissors- to actually trim the cotton
  • • Organic cotton- the best cotton that you can use

Macro or micro coils

The macro or micro coils are some of the common coil builds that you can choose. Now, the difference between the micro and macro coils is the inner diameter of your coil. Yes, it is that simple.

Micro- the micro coil build is the coil that comes with an inner diameter of 1-2mm

Macro- the macro coil build is the coil coming with an inner diameter of 2.5mm or more.

Dual vs single coil

Wrapping Vape Coil - Single vs Dual coil

Did you notice that many coil builds have not just one, but two coils? These are known as dual coils.

Not all the atomizers actually allow for both, but for those that actually do, they would get better performance with either of the two options.

When you are doing a dual coil build, it is important for both coils in order to be identical in form and size. This ensures they actually heat up properly.

The dual coil builds really create more vapor than a single coil build.

So, keep this in mind when choosing a vape coil.  Just like coil building, coil priming is important too.

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Building coils for RDA

Building RDA’s is actually a straightforward process. Check the deck to see if it’s a single or dual coil atomizer. Next, check the size of the deck and see how large the build would be. After all, you don’t want the coils to touch the top cap.

Once you have the number and size of the coils established, simply check the position of the post. Some of the decks need leads to point in the same direction, while others need to face in the opposite direction.

After you have wrapped the coils and ready, just place the leads in the post holes and simply secure these in place with screws. Now, you are all ready to wick them.

Building up a coil for RTA or RBA

Wrapping Vape Coil - Build for RTA

An RBA or RTA of the sub-ohm tank, would come with limitations. In many cases, there isn’t enough space in the deck of large builds. Use the coil jig to see how big the coil would get. After getting all ready, just secure the leads and wick the vape coil.

Building coils are not difficult. In fact, it is better than buying pre-built coils. So, you need to do it using proper technique.