If vaping is burning your throat and not giving you a pleasurable experience, you must change the vaping cotton right away. However, you simply cannot go on using the same vape cotton and you need to change it. Now, to get a wonderful experience, you must change the cotton. Wondering how to do it, here are steps that would help you change the cotton successfully without any hassles.

What Do You Need?

First of all, you will need the vaporizer with your RDA or RBA. Now, the coils should be installed on the build deck before you actually attempt to wick it in order to avoid bending it out of shape. Coming to the wicking material, organic cotton needs to be your primary choice. Regular cotton balls don’t actually work well. Even though it comes in the perfect size, you would still need to resize it. To allow it to fit perfectly you need tweezers and a pair of scissors for trimming down the size. You would need it to wick it once you have got it through the coil. After that, you need to fill the e-juice.

Steps To Changing Vaping Cotton

First you need to take the long strands of organic vape cotton and you need to thread the coil with the wick. Try to thread the coil with the wick and see how well it fits. If it tugs the coil and pulling it out of shape it means it is big. In that case trim the edges.

The best way is to tightly roll one end of the coil to a point so that it threads through like a needle. Also, the wick needs to be 2-3 inches long. So, you must have plenty of room to roll one end while leaving the other end loose.

Once the wick is in place you need to trim the ends to secure it. Ensure you have at least half an inch sticking out so that it can absorb the e-juice well.

With the ends tucked in, you must create a small air tunnel under the coils, pushing the ends of the wick on each side under the coil would do it. however, if you don’t get that air gap, you might end up suffocating the vape or losing out on the ejuice flavor. Finally, add the e-juice drop by drop carefully. Once the e-juice is soaked, conduct a dry test to check if you are getting the proper flavor and vapor.

Finally, changing the vape cotton is important and you must do it carefully without damaging it.