Cloud generation is one of the popular reasons for many to settle for vaping over smoking. Smoking cannot give you the deserved cloud that you are searching for. Further, those who do tricks with clouds also look for devices to produce big clouds.

Big cloud generation with Vaping device

However, often vapers have the single question that how to get big clouds? After seeing the videos of cool vaping tricks, most of the vapers like to copy that. But they don’t succeed. Getting big clouds is not a difficult task, but one needs to follow some basic things. The first and foremost thing you should look for is the device, the vape coil, and the vape wick.

Here are the basic things, which you should follow.

Use a Sub-Ohm Tank

Use Sub Ohm Device - Bigger Cloud

If you are a cloud chaser, then you must choose a sub-ohm tank. It is also known as sub-Ohming means using the tank which has a coil with a resistance below than 1 ohm. The lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud generation.

While using the sub-ohm tank, you must complement it with a battery that discharges a good voltage. Make sure that you use a battery, which gives continue higher discharge.

Know how to build your coil

Once you have selected your device, the next thing you need to know is the way to build the coil. The vapor production depends on the coil building. You must choose the best vape wick to prepare your coil.

However, in case you are going for coil building, you must also check the precautions of building the coil. Often people complain about the mod burst in the pocket or during the vaping. They are the results of improper coil building.

Change the Airflow settings

First you must know what is the airflow in vaping? How does it affect the cloud generation? More airflow means more cooling and more cooling means more cloud. When you are letting the air to go on your coil with keeping the temperature low. It helps you to produce more vapor. The low temperature ensures that your wick will not get burn quickly.

The airflow brings the cool air, and that helps to condense the vapor. The condense vapor turns into a thick cloud. Generally, a vaper exhales the aerosol which has the liquid mixed in it, and condensation is needed to turn it into thick cloud.

Airflow settings - Bigger Cloud Generation

Therefore, if you are looking for a dense cloud, change your airflow setting now. However, when you allow more air into the coil, it can affect your flavor satisfaction.

Power Setting

Beside the airflow setting the next thing you need for a huge cloud is to adjust your power setting. You will get an extra amount of vapor while using the same tank and liquid in 60w than of 30w. It is obvious as more power heats your coil. The warm the coil will, the bigger the cloud will be.

However, few do not like the warm vapors. They love a subtle warmth along with a good cloud. They need to balance the power setting with the airflow setting. There is no rule set out for any specific power setting. It all depends on the personal choice of the vapers just like choosing your own vape cotton wick.

How e-juice can influence vapor production

When it comes to thick and dense vapor production, you cannot rule over the contribution of the e-juice. A simple rule you need to follow.

  • * Increased PG – Increased throat hit
  • * Increased VG – Increased vapor production
VG - PG - Bigger Cloud Production

The PG and VG ratio can make a huge difference when it comes to vapor production. In case of looking for a bigger cloud one must choose at least 50/50 VG and PG ratio. However, you can choose a liquid with a higher VG ratio.

Final Words

Getting a huge cloud is a hot topic in the vaping community. However, the current post tries to cover the important aspects of how to get big clouds with a vaping device. Using the right coil, vape wick often play an important role.

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