Do you ever notice the reduced production of vapor and poor flavor after one or two weeks of using the vaporizer? It is the sign that tells you to change the coil. But what assures you that even after changing your coil, you will not get the same taste? In order to avoid any burnt taste and enhancing the coil life, it is recommended to prime your coil.

How to prime a vape coil

Priming vape coil helps you to get the proper flavor of the e-juice, increase the lifespan of the e-coil and enhance your vaping experience. But the very next question you will ask is about how to prime a coil?

In the following section, we will guide you step by step to prime the vape coil

What is Priming a Vape Coil?

Priming the coil is nothing but the pre-saturation of the wick-cotton in the e-liquid before using the atomizer coil. The moist wick will neither get overheated quickly, nor it will burn fast. Additionally, the wick will absorb the e-liquid fast and supply it to the coil.

Prime Vape Coil - Importance

Now here are the quick ways to how to prime a vape coil.

Step 1: Place The New Vape Coil

Make sure that you have well disposed your old coil and place the new coil properly in that place. It makes the device a little big, which is much easy to hold. Additionally, while pouring the liquid into the wick material, there is a less chance of your finger to get wet.

Step 2: Let The Wick Cotton To Be Saturated

The second step is to find the contact points of the wick and liquid. In certain devices, you will find the wick cotton comes out of the hole through which they come in contact with the e-liquid. However, in a few devices, you can see wick to stay just next to the hole but not coming out. However, in both cases, you will be able to see the wick clearly.

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Start to pour the e-juice to saturate the cotton. However, the requirement of the amount of e juice will depend on the size of the coil. In the case of smaller coils, two three drops will be ample to wet the cotton. I case of bigger coils, you will need more amount of e-juice.

Once the cotton stops quick absorption, you must stop pouring liquid to avoid flooding of the coil. Let it be as it is for next 10minutes.

Step 3: Go For A Few Dry Hits

As your coil is now almost ready, you need to fill the tank and attach the battery to the device. Moving on to the third step, you need to take a few dry hits. Remember neither draw powerfully nor take more than 5 to 6 hits. The hits enable the liquid to come into the cotton to ensure continuous flow.

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Step 4: Make Your Coil Wire Strong

Pre-saturation of wicking cotton is the primary factor of priming coils but you need to make the coil wire strong too. As the last and final step of priming, you must not start with higher wattage. Start with low watt and increase the wattage slowly. It will make the wire strong enough to absorb the heat within it.

Additionally, you must take 10 short drag as these collectively prime the wire along with the cotton to make the coil primed properly.

Priming Coils With Strong Wire

Final Words

Therefore, you have seen the step by step guidance to prime vape coil. However, we suggest to buy and use the organic cotton from native wick as it saturates quickly to help in priming the vape coil.