The material that you use for vaping has a deep impact on the flavor and vapor that you get. Due to this reason, the right wicking material is important. Now, if you have been vaping for long, you know that cotton is by far the best wicking material suitable for your builds.

However, many vapers are not quite accustomed to using vape cotton and so use regular cotton balls available at home. But there are many drawbacks to using regular balls of cotton. You cannot get the right flavor and vapor. Let us see what impact the cotton balls have over vaping and why you need to choose vaping organic cotton.

Why Choose Vape Cotton Over Regular Cotton?

Do you wish to get enough flavor and vapor? Well, in that case, vaping cotton is definitely what you need. But you might still wonder what is it that makes vaping cotton a good option, right? Well, vaping cotton is suitable for all tanks such as RDA, RTA as well as RDTA. Apart from this, you also don’t get break ins with vape cotton. All that you get is pure flavor minus the burnt smell. Organic cotton doesn’t burn like regular cotton so there is no harsh throat hit or burnt smell. Vaping cotton has been specially designed so that you get pure flavor in every vape.

With regular cotton balls you won’t understand how much to use in your build for wicking. But with vaping cotton there are no hassles, you get these in long strands that absorbs the right amount of e-juice. regular cotton soaks more of e-juice so you might need to refill after a few vape. This is definitely not what you want right?

Apart from these, vaping cotton is heat resistant and doesn’t burn like cotton balls. You sure don’t want a burnt smell and taste when vaping and due to this, regular cotton is a big NO NO. Vaping cotton is no doubt better than regular cotton balls due to its uniqueness. However, the main reason for using organic cotton, it is absolutely chemical free. There are no pesticides and with high absorbency rate.

How To Buy Vape Cotton?

Now that you know about the benefits of using vape cotton, you need to find out the how you can buy it. The best thing is to read reviews of the brands available before buying so you know which one suits your need the best. Next, find out if it is suitable for your low- or high-end builds. Usually, most good quality organic vaping cotton is suitable for your builds, still it is better to do your research before buying.

Finally, vaping cotton is primary when you wish to get a pleasurable experience. Now, organic cotton is a better choice than your mom’s cotton balls.