Vaping has stormed the market as a fair alternative to smoking. However, one of the issues vapers used to face is that the price of e-juices and the lifespan of atomizer head or commonly known as the coil. However, the price of e-juice is not in the hand of general vapers unless you are making DIY e-juices, which is no doubt a difficult task. But you can save a good amount of money if you can be able to increase the life of your coil.

Increase Vape Atomizer Life Span

But now the question is, how?

Before knowing the ways to increase the life of the coils, one must know that how long do vape atomizers last?

If you know well how do vape atomizers work and getting an odd taste during your vaping, then you must understand that it is already late. Your coil is demanding a change. Generally, if you use the coil in a normal way then it must last up to 2 weeks.

Increase Life Span of Atomizer - Tips on it

However, in case your atomizer head is not lasting even more than a week after a fair amount of use, it indicates that you are doing something wrong. Something wrong, which is taking a toll on the life of your atomizer head.

Therefore, to avoid these issues, here are some ways following which the coil life will surely increase.

Prime your coil

One of the common ways to increase the life of the coil is by priming your coil. It is simple as you need to soak your coil head properly with the e-juice before you start vaping. Often vapers especially the new one used to fill the tank, wick the coil and start vaping and it results in the damage of the atomizer head.

The basic difference between vaping and smoking is that in vaping nothing burns. However, in case you will not prime the coil properly, the cotton will start to burn. Therefore, it will become the same as with cigarette smoking.

Therefore, once you filled the tank wait at least for an hour before you start vaping with your device. It will allow the coil to soak the liquid properly. Take one or two dry hits after the coil is soaked prior to switching the power button.

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Try to avoid high VG juices

As you are reading this post so it can be taken as that you are relatively new in vaping as you are facing the issue of coil burnt. So, unless you are a vape trick star, it is better to go for low VG content e-juice. However, it is recommended to use Native Wicks platinum plus organic cotton for a better experience.

Increase Life of Atomizer - Avoid high VG juice

The reason is that the high VG juice is vicious and takes a lot of time to get soaked. In comparison to PG content juices, VG juice is slow and thick. Additionally, it used to take a high temperature to get burn.

Further, the high VG juices used to build up Gunks more than PG juices. The sweetener in the VG juices also impacts negatively when the juice is burnt at a high temperature.

Check the juice level

It is important that while you are vaping, check the level of the juice. It is very much self-evident as there is no reason to vape while there is no juice in the tank as it ultimately increases the bad taste, dry hits and further initiates your coil damage.

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Make sure that your tank is at least one-quarter full. It is better than if it remains half full. Anything lower than this can cause ultimate damage to your coil. While the level of the juice is getting lower, it will not reach the wick properly and will start to give you dry hits.

Clean your coil at a regular basis

Often in case of the damaged coil, vapers used to change the coil. However, before you throw your old coil, you must at least give a try to clean it once. But you ask how to clean vape atomizers?

Once you feel any issues in the taste, take the coil and rinse it under the running water. once after that pour some hot water and pop It and let it be in that for an hour at least. You can use some alcohol to soften the coil gunk and the cleaning process will be much easier.

Increase Life Span Of Atomizer - Clean Regularly

However, before you use the coil again, must ensure that the coil should be completely dried.

Concluding Words

Using the new one is an easy but costly option. However, if you follow the above instructions properly, you can be assured of one thing that the life of the coil will increase for sure. 

In case of any question or suggestion, please comment in the below section and enjoy the vaping.