Smoking to vaping, the journey is not an easy one but a worthy effort for a better future and healthy life. Smokers who are looking for an alternative must be aware of the transitions.

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - A Journey to Explore

One of the biggest benefits of c is that people are not exposed to any of the carcinogenic properties and chemicals. However, even after such benefits often people went back to smoking from vaping due to less nicotine satisfaction or due to liquid leakage. The reason is that they made the transition without proper preparation.

The current post is a vaping guide for smokers to know all the details about vaping before they enter in the world of vaping.

Don’t Go For The Looks Of The Device

Often people go for the looks of the device. But it could be a disastrous decision, as the different device is made for a different purpose. Therefore, if you are starting vaping, the good-looking device may not suit your purpose.

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - Choose the Suitable Device

Few people go for “cigalikes” devices which are not at all effective especially for the ex-smokers as it does not deliver the required nicotine satisfaction. Therefore, it is better to take information before you invest in a device.

A poor-quality device may again turn you to smoking.

Don’t Buy Complicated Devices

Often smokers think that a complicated big device will give better nicotine satisfaction. However, it is completely the wrong conception. Nicotine satisfaction depends on the e-juice that you are using. Buying a mod device by imagining producing of big vape cloud will land you in mess.

Often after a few days facing the complication, smokers turn back to smoking. However, the reason is the complicated use of the mod device for the vaping.

If you are serious about taking the vaping as the alternative, then go for a device which you can easily manage. Know the use of the device, the ways to enjoy the vaping. Once you are completely ready for it, then shift to a fancy device.

Choose the Right E-liquid

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - Choose right E-liquid

One of the primary reasons to choose to vape for many ex-smokers is the flavor outcome of vaping. However, it is also true that choosing the wrong liquid leads to many new vapers to smoke again. Therefore, choose the liquid as per your taste and preference of nicotine.

As you are shifting from smoking to vaping, go for high nicotine volume salt nic liquids. These liquids will help you to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Additionally, you can choose the disposable devices which come with a good high nicotine volume.

However, if you really want to go for a lower nicotine volume, you can opt for the regular e-juices. However, when it comes to flavor selection you can choose different flavors. However, most of the e-juices provide tobacco flavor also so, you can select it also to reminiscence the smoking.

Know the Wicking Process

If you are using a mod or pod device where you need to wick the coil. You must learn about the different wicking materials like stainless steel, ceramic, etc. However, most of the coils use cotton. It is better to go with the organic vape cotton. Organic cotton is free from pesticides and bleaching. Therefore, it gives you a perfect flavor.

In case of not knowing the wicking process, you can face dry hit, coil gunk, etc. These all can lead you to smoke again. So, be careful about choosing the right cotton.

Visit local Shop to talk

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - Visit Vape Shop

Getting to the local vaping shop can also help you in finding the right device. Most of the shop owners are experienced vapers, so, they can help you in choosing the right device. In case of any problem with your device, the local shop can help you to deal with the matter.

These local shops are one of the best places from where you can get the recommendation about the e-liquids that are coming in the market. Additionally, you can be able to find a community of vapers in these shops.

Get in touch with a vaping community

Vaping is popular worldwide and the community is growing every passing day. Therefore, if you are switching from smoking to vaping, you can get connected with the large community. In the community, you can get help from the people who are in vaping for a long term.

Additionally, you will be able to find different vapers who were once a smoker. Their journey from smoking to vaping will surely encourage you.

In the community, you will also get the help of the people regarding the juices, devices and different other vape related issues. Overall the ambiance of the community will help you to quit smoking.

Use the right PG VG mix

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - Use Right Vg Pg Ratio

Often it has been seen that smokers used to shift to vaping due to the flavor. However, in case of not getting the flavor, often smokers leave the vaping. But, the truth lies in the PG VG mix, which often people are not being able to understand.

Those who used to be in cloud chasing or mostly pro vapers used to go for the higher PG mix. This should not be the ideal option for those who are looking for flavor. The reason is that the PG mixes used to contain sugar which affects the flavor of the liquid.

Therefore, if you are looking for the flavor, then choose a liquid having at least 50-50 ratio of PG/VG.

Vape Like a Vaper, Not a Smoker

Quit Smoking Start Vaping - Be a Pro vaper!

Often the smokers in the transition period vape like smoking. They use to take a hard and quick puff. However, it is not the right way.

Be gentle with vaping. If you are looking to get a satisfying vaping experience, you should consider a longer puff but a soft inhale. Then slowly exhale the vapor. It will not only satisfy nicotine love but also help you in producing a big cloud.

Have patience

Patience is the key to success. It is not different in the case of the vaping. It is not that you start vaping today and be able to quit smoking on the very next day. You need to give time. Shifting from an addiction is not that easy. Therefore, you must keep patience.

Don’t worry in case of a slip-up and had a cigarette. The key is not to leave the vaping and continue it in the long run. With continuing practice, you can be able to shift completely from vaping to smoking.

Concluding Words

Therefore, you can see over here a complete guide for the smokers who are planning to switch to vaping. However, as mentioned in one of the points that flavor plays a great role in a satisfying vaping experience and flavor generation largely depends on choosing the right organic cotton. Use NativeWicks platinum plus+ for the best vaping experience.

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