Among the different vaping devices, it is difficult to choose the right one. In this current post, you will be able to know the differences between the top coil and bottom coil Clearomizer.

But why the knowledge of the difference of wick placement is important? The reason is simple as it is the vape wick that bridges the gap of the e-liquid and atomizer.

Top Coil vs Bottom Coil Clearomizer

Therefore, the length and position of the wick intensely influence the vaping experience of a vaper. In the case of being new in the vaping world, it is really difficult to understand the difference.

Here the discussion is on how the top and bottom coil Clearomizer differs from one another?

What is a Bottom Coil Clearomizer?

The bottom coil Clearomizer is also known as bottom feed Clearomizer. The reason for such name is that these used to have the tank at the over the atomizer. It generally has a very short wick which is nearly invisible.

Generally, in case of the bottom feed or bottom coil Clearomizer, there is no separate mouthpiece. It is a single unit. Looking through the mouthpiece, you can be able to see that a tunnel goes straight through the Clearomizer till the end.

By unscrewing it, you can fill the tank as well as you can also change the atomizer head also. As the tube directly goes to your mouth so, you must not pour the liquid into the tube.

In the unscrewed position, you can be able to see the tiny vape wick on the side. With the help of these wicks, the e-juice gets down to the coil. In case of burning, one can change the wick along with the atomizer.

However, while screwing up the device and holding it upright the e-juice will go to the wick which will start soaking it. You only need to fix up the battery to start vaping.

a. What are the Pros of Bottom Coil Clearomizer?

  • • Unless you hit it hard, it will not leak
  • • Easy to rebuilt
  • • Due to smaller wick, it gives a better flavor outcome
  • • Wicks are placed at the bottom, so, it remains soaked all the time and helps you to avoid a burnt taste
  • • Consistent performance and provide good hit

b. What are the cons of Bottom Coil Clearomizer?

  • • In case of improper filling, it may leak
  • • Little difficult to refill
  • • Must clean frequently

What is a Top coil Clearomizer?

Top coil Clearomizer is also known as a top feeder. In this type of Clearomizer, the tank is placed under the atomizer. The atomizer head, therefore, stays on the top of the tank.

It has a long vape wick that soaks the juice and draws it to the heating coil. However, due to a longer wick, it takes more time. In top coil Clearomizer also, you can change the coil too. To do that, you need to unscrew the bottom and to replace the part.

However, often the users used to tell that during the longer vape wick length, it affects the flavor production.

However, these are easy to clean devices and hardly you need to clean it. The reason for cleaning it could be the change of the flavors.

a. What are the Pros of top Coil Clearomizer?

  • • Good vaping hits in the starting
  • • Easy to refill the tank
  • • The atomizer can be rebuilt easily
  • • Very easy to clean the atomizer

b. What are the cons of Bottom Coil Clearomizer?

  • • These are prone to leakage
  • • It takes through a lot of juice
  • • The vape wicks need to be saturated constantly
  • • Due to a longer time for saturation, there is a chance of a dry hit
  • • Flavor outcome is much less

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Final verdict

Therefore, over in this post, you have seen the differences between the two types of atomizers. You have seen that it is the placement of the vape wick makes the key difference in these two types of coil.

However, apart from these differences, do you know any other difference?

In case of knowing other differences, please feel free to share it in the comment box.