New vapers often used to face different issues with the devices. One of such common problem is the gurgling sound or the popping sound. Often it happens as the heat is not enough to vaporize all the liquid. Often it causes flooding also. It is also possible that the coil is over primed with the liquid which is why such sound is coming. In several cases, it has been found that it is the result of poor Vape Wicks.

Vape Gurgling - What is Vape gurgling

However, there is nothing to be shattered about it. It is a very common issue which one can easily overcome. The current post is all about the vape gurgling.

Why is my vape gurgling?

Vaping happens when the coil gets heated, and the juice starts to vaporize. You can hear the noise when the coil gets heated, which not very unusual. However, if the noise is louder than it might create a problem.

Here are some reasons behind vape gurgling.

  1. • Low Wattage Setting

It has been mentioned that vaping is all about inhaling the vapor which is created by heating the coil. However, if your heat is not enough, then the air will enter the tank, but it will not be able to get the vapor. Rather, it will create a popping or gurgling sound.

Due to the low wattage setting, the coil will take more time to evaporate the liquid. Additionally, if the liquid will enter the vaping coils & wicks before proper hitting, there is a chance of flooding also.

Therefore, whenever you will vape it is better to let the coil to warm enough before you start vaping.

  1. • What type of liquid you are using?

Do you use a thin liquid? Generally, high PG liquids are thin and start getting vaporizing even at a lower temperature level. However, in case you use a device which works at a higher temperature, then using high PG liquid can flood your coil also.

Therefore, if your device is a high VG device then, it is better to use the thick liquid. A thick liquid will take time to saturate vape wicks, and it will give the coil the time to get properly warm.

  1. • Vapor Condensing

Often excessive vapors within the drip tip created during inhale causes gurgling sound. Such a thick volume of vapor usually creates an obstacle for smooth airflow. Such obstacles often result in gurgling sound.

However, by using a bore drip trip you can avoid this situation. Additionally, you can go for the RBA or RTA as these include a wider chimney.

  1. • Twisted Vape coil

If you find that your device is giving you a gurgling sound then you must investigate the coil. A twisted vape coil usually has more space crevices for e-liquid. While the e-liquid goes through the coil, often such sound used to get generate.

Vape Gurgling - Twisted Coil

However, twisting the coil can reduce the gap which will not allow the extra liquid to go into, which causes the gurgling sound.

How to fix vape gurgling

So, as you are now aware of most of the reasons behind having a gurgling sound, now one must be eager to know the ways to fix the vape gurgling issues. Here are certain things that you can try

  1. • Don’t over prime the coil

No matter whether you are using best wick for vaping but over priming can make such gurgling sound also. It happens due to the flooding of e-liquid. However, one of the ways out to avoid the gurgling sound you need to understand the amount of e-liquid is enough for priming the coil.

Additionally, you should also keep your eye on the wick prior it gets too wet.

Vape Gurgling - Tips to Fix it
  1. • Avoid Hard puff

Once after completing the priming, you should not start with a hard puff. Take first few puffs softly and adjust the airflow. Hard puff will create a higher amount of vapor which can block the airflow. Use the right amount of cotton for RDA or another sub-ohm tank. Keeping the airflow open will ensure that you will not get a gurgling sound.

  1. • Using a very little amount of Wick (RTA)

If you are using an RTA and often getting a gurgling sound, then you should check the amount of cotton that you used for the wicking. If you feel that it is not enough then re-wick your device again. During re-wick, use more amount of cotton. However, do not forget to use organic NativeWicks platinum plus cotton for the best performance.

You must make sure that there must be enough resistance. It should not be too hard or too loose. However, doing it once or twice will make you understand the correct amount of cotton.

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Final Words

Therefore, the current blog has addressed some of the reasons and ways to avoid gurgling sound during vaping. There can be several reasons for getting a gurgling sound. However, if you will follow the mentioned ways from next time, you will surely be able to avoid such popping or gurgling sounds.

However, no matter what device you are using, do not forget to use the original organic cotton from NativeWicks for wicking the coil.